Roberto Gutiérrez

Associate Professor in the School of Management at the Universidad de los Andes.



Ecoflora: Sustainable Innovation in an Emerging Economy


This case illustrates how a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) can become a knowledge- based enterprise, able to compete through innovation in global markets from a developing country. This is a hybrid organization, which operates with the ultimate end goal of generating socio- environmental benefits.

This case was principally designed to be used in executive education, so that entrepreneurs and managers come to the understanding that Latin America is not condemned to compete on the basis of abundant natural resources or cheap labor. The case can also be used on undergraduate or postgraduate strategy courses to illustrate how to configure an emergent organizational strategy centered on social and environmental sustainability.

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Dress Your Home


The case documents the evolution of Dress Your Home (DYH) into a profitable line of business for Colcerámica. This was a great achievement since, outside of micro-finance businesses, there were very few large companies that had created successful initiatives with the base of the socio-economic pyramid. DYH initially sought to generate positive social effects through […]

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Collaboration mechanisms for sustainable innovation


The purpose of this article is to advance research on sustainable innovation through a business model (hereafter, BM) perspective. We consider the BM as a boundary-spanning system that encompasses various firms, in which value is created, exchanged and captured. More specifically, we look at the changes called for by the imperative of sustainable development, through […]

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Codensa: Easy Credit for All


This case describes how Codensa, an electricity company in Bogotá and Cundinamarca (Colombia), developed an easy-access consumer credit business model for low-income populations leveraged by the cost structure of its core business. Codensa offered consumer credit to low income populations through the Codensa Hogar business unit, by linking together a value chain of large retailers […]

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Alpina S.A.


Este caso requiere que los estudiantes a tomen el papel de Juan Pablo Fernández, quien, tres años después de unirse a la empresa, se convirtió en su Vicepresidente de Marketing en 2006.

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The Centro de Gestión Hospitalaria (Hospital Management Center)


By discussing this case, students can gain a better understanding of how competitors can collaborate in some areas, as well as the need to renew the value created for individual partners in order to keep an alliance alive and fruitful.

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Cerámicas de Costaragua: The Challenges of Selling to Low-Income Citizens


This case may be used in courses on logistics, value chain management, inclusive businesses, and social responsibility.

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