Dress Your Home



Diana M Trujillo

Roberto Gutiérrez


Universidad de los Andes Colombia

Published in


The case documents the evolution of Dress Your Home (DYH) into a profitable line of business for Colcerámica. This was a great achievement since, outside of micro-finance businesses, there were very few large companies that had created successful initiatives with the base of the socio-economic pyramid. DYH initially sought to generate positive social effects through a variety of ways. A decade later, the social effects were focused on two proposals: one, on a small scale, to generate labor inclusion for low-income citizens as sales promoters; the other, on a larger scale, to improve the living conditions of thousands of households through their home improvement products. This is the second pedagogical case about the DYH experience. The first one focused on lessons about the logistics needed to reach the “last mile” (case SKS-116 in the HBP case collection).