Arbusta: Youth Integration into a Competitive Labor Market



Gabriel Berger

Roberto Gutiérrez


Universidad San Andrés Argentina

Published in


Arbusta was a social enterprise in the ICT sector, recognized for both the quality of its services and for employing disadvantaged youth. It had more than 300 employees at its headquarters in Buenos Aires and in its offices in Rosario, Montevideo and Medellín. By 2020, after six years of building Arbusta, each of its three founders was focusing on an important issue for the organization: i.e., close attention to customer relations, develop the talent of each person at Arbusta, and find better ways to structure Arbusta as a space where social and economic aspects coexisted. Through their testimonies and others from collaborators and clients, the case describes the evolution of this social enterprise. The dilemma faced by the three founders of Arbusta was about how to grow: should Arbusta specialize in a basic service such as testing or should it expand its range of services to include the development of the company’s human talent?