Banco del Barrio: Towards a transformative service platform?



Adriana Anddrea Maya

Jorge A. Rodríguez

Juan Carlos Bustamante


EGADE Business School Mexico


Published in


In 2020, Banco del Barrio (BB) celebrated its12th anniversary since its establishment as a non-bank correspondent. BB had successfully reduced the traditional barriers to accessing financial services for its users at the base of the pyramid. However, the financial services offered had a low utilization rate, so BB was not making significant progress in promoting financial inclusion. In the midst of this scenario, Rodrigo Andrade, the Vice President of Personal Banking responsible for managing BB’s operations, had to develop the 2020 plan. The dilemma involves evaluating the options of expanding services in women’s banking or transitioning towards a platform of services for micro-businesses. This case can be used in service marketing courses to study transformative services or in innovation courses focused on sustainable development.