A Roof for the South

Building with Love: FUPROVI- Repretel - Mutual Heredia  


Jesus Revilla

Julio Sergio Ramirez


INCAE Business School Costa Rica

Published in


This case describes the relationship forged by the Foundation for Housing Promotion (Fuprovi), Representaciones Televisivas (Repretel) and Mutual Heredia. These organizations came together to provide assistance for Costa Rica’s South after Hurricane Caesar hit the area in July 1996. A campaign was launched to raise funds to build houses for the families that had been left homeless.

After the introduction, the case describes FUPROVI, including its background, focuses, target markets and programs. It also provides information on its culture, organization, management, and its links to private companies. Then, the case moves on to zero in on Repretel, exploring its organizational structure and working environment. Next, the “A Roof for the South – Building with Love” campaign –the joint venture undertaken by the both organizations- is described in depth. In order to build new partnerships, FUPROVI’s executive director needed to determine the characteristics she should look for in potential partners in order for future partnerships to be successful and lasting.

This case may be used in social organization management programs dealing with alliances, cross-sector partnerships among non-governmental organizations and private companies, social responsibility, and Jim Austin’s theoretical framework (the “Collaboration Continuum” featured in The Collaboration Challenge, Jossey-Bass Publishers, 2000). This may prove to be  a very useful case for courses on social organizations’ strategies tackling the issue of collaborations with businesses.