Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio)



Enrique Ogliastri

Juliano Flores


INCAE Business School Costa Rica

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INBio was created in 1989 to develop and promote greater knowledge on Costa Rica’s biological diversity in order to encourage its sustainable use. INBio’s operations started off with an inventory of Costa Rica’s biodiversity, later expanding to other associated endeavors, like bioprospecting, environmental conservation, INBio Park, among others. Since  its inception, this organization had been managed by its founding leader, Rodrigo Gámez. In 2002, INBio designed and rolled out a four-year strategic plan called “Towards a Sustainable INBio.” The plan envisioned a number of changes, including a revised organizational structure, human resources management improvements, and a planned succession process.

This case may be used in leadership courses, to deal with succession issues, and in nonprofit management programs, to address topics such as venture sustainability and organization.