Sustainable Business Models


Business models for sustainability generate an integrated approach beyond incremental innovations such as eco-efficiency, eco-design or socially responsible business practices. This research explores truly “sustainable enterprises”, their business models and business practices in emerging markets.

Sustainable enterprise is an emerging phenomenon as it involves development of profitable businesses by connecting all stakeholders and the natural environment, operating in harmony with the planet’s limits and in tune with social progress. Sustainable enterprises represent innovative managerial practices in comparison to traditional business and introduce new paradigms to management theory.

This research studies sustainable business models in developing economies.  Emerging markets are characterized by vulnerable social and environmental contexts, with weak institutional structures, which largely disregard the negative social and ecological impacts that businesses cause in the short and long-term. These particular characteristics offer both opportunities and challenges for innovative business development.

The objective is to understand how do sustainable enterprise business models contribute to sustainable development in emerging markets.

The expected products are pedagogical cases and academic articles.