Rosa María Fischer

Founder and director of CEATS (Center for Entrepreneurship and Social Management in the Third Sector), coordinator of MBA Management and Social Entrepreneurship and specialization courses in Social Responsibility , Third Sector and Evaluation of Social Programs and Projects.

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IDEC and the Saga of Self-Sustainability


This case may be used in courses and seminars on social entrepreneurship and third-sector organization management. It may prove particularly helpful in courses dealing with its two focal themes: third-sector organizations’ sustainability and the tension between opposing roles: private service supply and public good production.

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Evaluating the Social Value of Impact Investments: Vox Capital and Magnamed


This case can help in understanding social impact investing using the perspective of the investee and supporting students to: Identify the generation of social value and financial value in a venture; Understand an impact investment thesis; Evaluate the alignment of objectives in impact investments; Analyze the tensions between social and financial returns in impact enterprises; Analyze the pros and cons of an investment decision from the perspective of an impact investment fund.

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